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We digitalize functional tests


Connect several wearables equipped to collect biomechanical information during functional tests.


The app guides the healthcare professional through all the steps to facilitate the process of connecting sensors and performing each test.


When a test finishes, the app sends the session data to the Ephion Health's backend platform where it is processed and analyzed.


Clinically relevant biomechanical parameters from data sent to the app delivered in a single score.

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Ephion Health Technology


Clinical professionals can analyze and compare test results to better diagnose, monitor, and treat the disease.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms to provide a multi-category score of the patient's health status.

Succesful remote monitoring across clinical research, clinical care, and public health.

Deploying digital measures can reduce patient burden and increase enrollment speed and inclusivity during a clinical trial

The Ephion Health Experience

Our platform digitalizes the most frequent Functional Tests such as 6MWT, 10MR, SCT, TTST, and TUG.  Our intuitive interface guides the health professional in preparing, performing, and analyzing each test.


''My personal experience as a physical therapist with Ephion Health has been positive because it will improve our assessment. Thanks to this system, we can obtain results and much more detailed and objective information about each patient. The Mobile App is fast and easy to use and data can be obtained in seconds after performing the test. In addition, thanks to the App, the results are also saved and can be easily accessed again''.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Marina Roselló Ruano, PT Research Physical Therapist and Physiotherapist

''Our experience with the Ephion Health has been positive. We appreciate the great practicability of the different functions within the app making it very user friendly. The transmission of data from the app to the backoffice platform is quick and we can within seconds pull up data in the back office which creates an efficient work flow''.

Copenhagen Neuromuscular Center

Aisha Sheikh, PT, MSc Research Physical Therapist

''The system allows us to assess our patients in a more objective way, with relevant data on the gait characteristics and physiological changes. It will improve our evaluation of the gait pattern and the detection of possible changes in response to a specific treatment''.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Julita Medina Cantillo, PhD. Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation medical assistant

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